Congratulations! You’ve landed in the safe hands of Mr Vine’s Tasting Panel.

If you don’t know who or what Mr Vine is then we’ll let you off and get you up to speed. Mr Vine is a great new app on your phone which finds your wine for YOU. Not only that, it gives you the platform to purchase it and goes even further by suggesting what you might like based on your preferences. Still not sold? Well we’re not selling it so why not download it for free?

‘Tasting Panel!’ we hear you shout in exasperation. Ok. The Tasting Panel bring you reviews of the wine we have available in the form of this blog. ‘Who is the panel?’ we hear you sigh. Everything is explained below, but worry not – they all have super taste buds and won’t bore you to tears. So if you like a glass of wine, like a super smart app, and maybe reading the odd bit or bob about vino, you’ve done well so far.

Here are some short and sharp descriptions of the lovely people in charge of sampling and reviewing the sumptuous wines from our fabulous suppliers.

How about ladies first?

Helena Nicklin (@TheWinebird): Helena is a wine writer, presenter and award-winning author who ‘bridges the gap between fabulously detailed wine journalists and normal people who just want the basics’.

Now the gentlemen please.

Richard Hemming (@RichardHemming): Richard writes mostly for Jancis Robinson’s website, and has also been published by The Financial Times, Decanter, Noble Rot, wine-searcher.com and other places. He previously earned his wine trade stripes working for Majestic Wine, and is currently studying to become a Master of Wine.

Nathan Nolan (@MrDrinknEat): Nathan is like a lot of wine in this country; imported. Originally from Canada he’s the “jack of all trades” of the gang. A trained sommelier, his work as a blogger, presenter, filmmaker, educator and speaker focusses not just on wine, but also covers beer, cider, food and spirits.

Zeren Wilson (@bittenwritten): Zeren is a food writer and wine consultant. His twitter page has no less than 19,000 followers – possibly because he will leave ‘no stone unturned’ in finding the hidden gems of London’s vibrant food scene.

Matt Walls (@mattwallswine): Matt is an award-winning author, blogger and wine writer who contributes regular articles to timatkin.com and Decanter. He also compiles restaurant wine lists, judges wine and food competitions and edits The London Wine Guide iPhone app.

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